2013 Home A/V Trends

If there’s one thing consumers can count on for 2013, it’s that technology will continue to develop at an almost dizzying pace. This applies to the technology that makes our work and home lives easier, but it also applies to the ways we entertain ourselves. Television, home cinema, stereo and sound equipment, as well as the way these systems are networked is set to advance even further in the coming months. Here are five technology trends to watch in 2013.

Streamlined Set Top Boxes

The ideal television viewing experience will be a single set top box with all the features you need. It will allow you to both download and record content using a single interface. This could take the form of TiVo being acquired by a larger brand like Google or Microsoft, or it could come via the long-anticipated Apple iTV — or both! Only time will tell.

3D Technology Becomes Widespread

3D technology will likely soon become a mainstream phenomenon found in TV, movies, the internet, video games and even your mobile device. 3D technology provides users with an enhanced, “augmented reality” experience and a whole new level of interaction, immersion and realism. There will no longer be the need for 3D glasses. Some of the highest-rated 3D TVs for 2013 include the Samsung Plasma Active 3D Television, the Panasonic TC- Plasma Active 3D and the Sony LED backlit LCD Active 3D Television.


Tablet TV

The rise in tablet usage will continue in 2013, with tablets like the Apple iPad 4, the Google Nexus 7, the iPad mini and the Microsoft Office 8 Pro Surface being used as video viewing devices. Tablets allow consumers to easily shift viewing patterns to different rooms in their home as well as to different places outside of the home. Tablet viewers can access video content more flexibly than ever, and this creates challenges for content providers who have focused on the TV as their main home entertainment system. However, a great number of people still love the large screen of their television and will connect their tablets to it to stream the content and watch it on the larger screen. Some experts also believe that tablet prices are set to drop dramatically starting in 2013, ranging from high-end luxury pricing to budget tablet brands that could soon be priced as low as $19.95.



Another upcoming trend is the rise of TV-Everywhere, or “TV-E” for short. TV-E is the pay TV industry’s attempt to deliver their content to multiple devices in a legitimate, monetized and, well, legal manner. Only paying customers will have access to the content. Authentication would take place through underlying technologies and a paid subscription. An example of TV-E was the broadcast of the summer Olympics online and some current NFL football games. TV-E is a huge priority for the television industry and we’ll definitely see more of it 2013.

Social TV

The MIT Technology Review has named Social TV one of the 10 most significant emerging technologies. Social TV supports social interaction and communication while watching TV or related content. It allows users to tap into their existing relationships in social media accounts such as Skype, Facebook and Twitter. This allows them to dialogue with other users about entertainment options. Social TV will allow users to share opinions about what they are watching — while they’re watching it! Some of the top TV choices for 2013 include the Sharp Elite LCD TV, the Sony Bravia 55″ 3D LED TV and the Sony Bravia LED TV.

 2013 will also see continued development of more original programming geared toward the online medium. There’s already been a lot of activity from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, AOL, Machinima and Maker Studios. The online space is fast becoming a legitimate original programming platform as more and more dollars are being directed at original programming there. These offerings tend to be quite creative and innovative, as content creators feel free to experiment a bit more in the online realm. Expect more A-list celebrities to get on board with online productions in 2013.

2013 looks to be an amazing year, with innovations in technology taking our entertainment options to bold new levels. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Online content provided by CEDIA, the leading global authority in the home technology industry.