There are many ways out there for wine connoisseurs to keep track of their extensive wine collections.  One of the leading wine management systems I have seen for the home is the New eSommelier.

The New eSommelier is easily at the top of the list with its touchscreen PC used to easily search your beautiful wine labels with a swipe of your finger.  You will also be able to filter your wines by winery, vintage, country, region, variety and maturity.  With the included bar code printer and scanner, anyone in your household can easily add a new vintage, organize the collection, and pull a wine to pair with dinner.  Your personal wine consultant can use remote access to make buying, selling and drinking recommendations.  eSommelier also provides on-site services to help organize collections and give training on how to use the system.
Kiwi Audio Visual can provide you with a stand alone system or integrate it into your existing home automation system.  We would be happy to discuss these options with you.  Please contact us if have any questions.