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Seamless Integration Design in any Room


Designing a new home or remodeling an existing one can be tricky when it comes to incorporating the technology, supporting infrastructure and electronic components today’s homeowners expect for their comfort, convenience, security and entertainment. All elements that make up networks, home theaters, multi-room audio, lighting, and control and automation systems ideally should have a minimal impact on architectural and interior design elements. Today’s new lines of motorized TV lifts and projector screens; retractable projectors; in-wall and in-ceiling speakers; recessed outlets and cable organizers; sleek, customizable dimmers, switches, thermostats and keypads; and control systems managed by mobile devices all help to decrease clutter, complement the surroundings and improve the aesthetics of any room.

A Pleasing Picture

The home theater or entertainment center is the hub of most homes and often the area that causes the most contention. A big-screen TV and room-filling surround sound system do not have to conflict with or stand out from the overall scheme, motif or style of the room. Motorized lifts built into sleek cabinetry can hide any large-screen TV and speaker system when not in use. Hinged ceiling mechanisms, powered by quiet motors, also allow TVs to be automatically lowered or concealed. If a lift or ceiling hinge isn’t needed, a variety of recessed mounts can bring the TV flush to the wall. Motorized versions allow the homeowner to remotely angle or tilt the screen for optimal viewing. Most high-end projection screen manufactures have motorized units that elegantly conceal the screen, and retractable lifts can tuck ceiling-mounted video projectors away from view.

The Straight Flush 

A variety of recessed TV and gang boxes and other outlets can be secured to studs in new construction or drywall in retrofit jobs to prevent plugs from extending past the wall. They allow large-screen TVs to be mounted flush against the wall and provide greater freedom for the placement of furniture and cabinets.  A number of chord organizers and management systems also help to eliminate unsightly wires behind and around home entertainment and audio systems.

Heard but not Seen

Today’s surround sound systems, a must for any home theater or entertainment system, typically utilize at least six speakers: three in the front of the room for left-, center- and right-channel sound; two in the back for surround effects and a subwoofer to reproduce bass.  Most high-end speaker manufacturers produce lines that sit flush with a wall or ceiling and can be covered with a grill painted to match interior color schemes. High-performance “invisible” speakers can also be fitted into walls and skimmed over with plaster, while sub woofers can be recessed in the wall or concealed in cabinetry without diminishing sound quality.

Others speakers also resemble lighting cans and are ideal for kitchens, living and dining rooms, and libraries.  The newest soundbars also come in super-thin versions that can be attached to a TV mount or recessed in a wall. Full lines of weatherproof speakers, some designed like rocks and other outside objects, bring quality sound to the patio or poolside.

Shining a Light on Elegant Design

Lighting is a key element in any room design. Recessed fixtures, wall sconces and most other types of lighting can be tied into a control system to eliminate the need for excess dimmers and switches. Even those come in a variety of sleek styles that can also be customized to complement a room’s design. Several new lines of dimmers and switches are controlled by the slight touch of a sleek LED light strip that eliminates knobs, sliders and buttons.


Making the Right Choice

Countless solutions are available to help home owners seamlessly integrate digital technologies and electronic components into all rooms, building plans and remodeling schemes. With so many choices, coupled with the speed in which new technologies and products are introduced, it’s often difficult to pick the right one. At Kiwi Audio Visual, we are technology and design experts who stay a step ahead of all digital and home integration trends. We are happy to discuss any projects you are considering in your home.

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