Creston is one of the most respected names in the home theatre and automation industries. Known for their high quality, Creston products have long been sought after by connoisseurs and sound enthusiasts alike.

To both stay ahead of the curve and offer their line of high-quality A/V products to the broadest range of consumers, Creston has developed their Prodigy line, which focuses on a combination of whole-home automation in a simple to use package.

Simple? Absolutely. Taking advantage of the latest in wireless technology, the Prodigy control center can be easily installed in any home and connected to televisions and audio systems, along with thermostats and lighting. The Creston Prodigy line makes it possible to control the entire ambiance of a room with a simple touch of a button – and with no need for complex wiring.

In addition to quality, Creston has also taken into account the need for affordability, and has made the Prodigy line extremely scalable. Start with a wireless home theatre center, and then branch out to heating or lighting control, all from the same basic platform. With a simple interface, the Prodigy control center gives ultimate control at any level.

Prodigy is also smart enough to act on its own and help you save money by intelligently adjusting lighting and temperature when no one is around. Backed up by the Creston brand and with features unmatched in the industry, Prodigy is cutting-edge technology in an affordable package.