Crestron Digital Media

You wouldn’t put in a 30 year old IT network; don’t put in a 30 year old AV system.

Today, digital HD is the standard both at home and in the office. The latest laptops and HD video conferencing systems only feature HDMI/DVI outputs, and MacBooks only have a mini DisplayPort out. You want the best quality HD signal, and you need to be able to walk into a room and plug-in your laptop for meetings and presentations.

Crestron DigitalMedia is a complete source to display solution that manages and distributes all analog and HD digital signals over a single copper wire or fiber.

+DM is a flexible, scalable solution that uses a very lean infrastructure to distribute all audio, video, computer and embedded data signals, including HDCP encryption.

+DM cable is less expensive to install than traditional analog infrastructure, replacing the typical 14 cables required to connect analog systems.

+System expansion is a easy and cost effective.  Our exclusive 8G technology provides a powerful architecture to manage the latest digital signals with plenty of headroom to handle whatever may come next.

+A suite of diagnostic tools makes system installation and optimization easy and reliable, delivering a superior user experience.


The days of relying on component video distribution systems to handle high-definition are numbered. Analog will not disappear overnight. However we will need to integrate analog and digital for some time. Only DM provides a seamless upgrade path from analog to digital without replacing existing hardware.

Did you know On January 1, 2013—Analog outputs were banned from all Blu-ray players? If you would like more information on how Kiwi Audio can help you update your current AV system, please email us or call  now at 1-888-567-5494. Kiwi can do a free consulation on your home technology needs.


*This information was provide to Kiwi Audio Visual by Crestron