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“There’s a little known secret tucked into the woods in a quaint town in Bergen County New Jersey. It’s a high-tech campus where the latest control and communication technology is being developed, tested and produced for some of the world’s most powerful companies and influential people. More than 350 of the most skilled engineers are hard at work, using the most sophisticated precision technology to create the products of the future today. It’s not the CIA or NORAD. It’s not a military or government facility at all. It’s a privately owned technology manufacturer that started in Cresskill, NJ nearly 40 years ago in one man’s garage, and now has 53 offices from which it operates globally in 90 countries on every continent in the world. Crestron Electronics world headquarters consists of four buildings in the tiny hamlet of Rockleigh, NJ, just 20 miles from New York City. The Crestron campus includes a 100,000 square-foot state-of-the-art Research Center, a manufacturing plant, visitor center and training facility. All $400 million in sales are manufactured and distributed locally. Global shipping is handled from the Crestron central distribution center in nearby Carlstadt, NJ. This modern facility stores, processes and ships more than 20,000 packages each month with impressive operational efficiency.

“Crestron represents the very best in American innovation and ingenuity. When other companies are going off-shore or moving for real-estate or tax benefits, Crestron remains loyal to its employees and its roots.” says Matthew Shaffer, Consumer Electronics Association.

CRESTRON in San Diego: Kiwi Audio Visual. Featured here is our test lab. Kiwi Audio Visual is an award winning A/V firm that has been on the cutting edge of home technology since the beginning of the Millennium.

CRESTRON in San Diego: Kiwi Audio Visual. Featured here is our test lab. Kiwi Audio Visual is an award winning A/V firm that has been on the cutting edge of home technology since the beginning of the Millennium. 16 years later,

Through all of its tremendous growth – Crestron recently posted its 20th consecutive year of double-digit growth – Crestron remains fiercely loyal to its people and

community. The company still operates out of the Cresskill location, only now instead of offices, the building has been converted to an automated pre-production facility that builds all the Home-Technology San Diego: Call Kiwi Audio Visual printed circuit boards that will be used in the manufacturing process. Crestron currently has 2,500 employees and continues to expand. Over the last four decades, the country has experienced several economic cycles, but Crestron has always seen one trend –creating jobs and helping fuel the economy, our industry is strong and the future looks brighter than ever. straight up. “Despite an increasingly competitive marketplace, challenging economy and rising costs, we continue to grow – creating jobs and helping fuel the economy,” says Randy Klein, Executive Vice President, Crestron Electronics. “Our industry is strong and the future looks brighter than ever.”

Led by a visionary president, a charismatic vice-president and incredibly talented management, Crestron doesn’t merely stay ahead of the curve – it sets the curve. New technology and products continue to stream out onto the market. More than 1,000 new products have been introduced in the last ten years. Masterfully diversified, the company is apparently recession-proof. While most other tech companies need to manage high turnover rates and cut backs, Crestron continues to increase revenue, open new offices and hire more people. With all the new products in development and the increasing demand for Crestron solutions, the company infrastructure must continually grow to support its customers. Crestron attributes its success to its people. Crestron employees genuinely care about the company and each other. It’s a very unique and refreshing environment. The culture is an exceptional mix of entrepreneurial spirit with corporate resources. New ideas seem to crop up from anywhere and anyone. If someone comes into the office with a good idea one day, the next day they’re doing it. “Many companies grow by acquisition; we grow through innovation,” explains Klein. “We add value and create opportunities. We’re focused on growing our industry and the economy, not investor portfolios. Crestron is a private company so we have that freedom, and with that freedom we feel we have a great responsibility to support our employees and partners.”

-Story by Crestron Electronics. Kiwi Audio Visual is a Crestron dealer, plus an  Award Winning A/V firm that has been a leader in home technology since the beginning of the Millennium. If you have any questions or are curious about installing Crestron Electronic, please contact the office at (888) 567-5494.