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20 years in 2020- Kiwi Audio Visual. We are here for all of your home technology needs.

Each home is a unique expression of the lives lived there. Your life, taste and passions. Crestron brings your idea of home to life. Inviting and comfortable. Entertaining and secure. Made possible with smart home technology that is intuitive and simple. Instantly responsive to touch or the sound of your voice. A complete smart home system engineered to become invisible, so all that remains is the experience. Your experience. Your home. Just as you imagined.

your idea of comfort
A warm room on a cool night. Smart shades that open to the nighttime sky. Just the right lighting for any occasion. Crestron Home finds your comfort level instantly.

Crestron San Diego - Call Kiwi Audio Visual: 20 years installing and servicing customers all over San Diego County.

Crestron San Diego – Call Kiwi Audio Visual: 20 years installing and servicing customers all over San Diego County.

your idea of entertainment
The home theater you’ve always imagined. A sound system that fills your home with music. It’s your idea of entertainment. Crestron Home merely makes it happen. Effortlessly.

your idea of peace of mind
Complete control means complete peace of mind. Knowing all it takes is the touch of a button and your home is secure. At home or away. Crestron Home offers everything you need to make you feel safe and sound.

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Kiwi specializes in customer service that complements the quality of our systems. We take the time to ensure you receive proper instruction on how to operate and maximize the enjoyment of your new home entertainment system. Long after your installation, you can count on Kiwi Audio Visual for responsive service and technical support. If you would like to receive updates from Kiwi Audio Visual, you can sign up for our newsletter on this page, just below.  We look forward to becoming your resource to the latest updates and news in home technology. If you are interested in Crestron products and live in San Diego County, please call us for installation. We are an award winning Audio Visual company with dedicated home technicians that are reliable and efficient. Thank you for stopping by our website today.