Crestron Shading Solutions

Sunlight can create many different moods, affecting our perception of color, texture and space. It can bathe a room in a soothing warm glow. Too much of it though can cause excessive solar heating and distracting glare. That’s why controlling daylight is an essential facet of an overall light management solution, optimizing comfort and energy savings and creating the right ambiance.

Smart Home San Diego Solutions: Call Kiwi Audio Visual

Smart Home San Diego Solutions: Call Kiwi Audio Visual

Now Crestron brings the same contemporary elegance and engineering excellence to our automation solution for window shades and drapery tracks systems. Crestron Shading Solutions provide precise quiet one-touch management of daylight. With the Heritage and Designer Roller Shade Collections you have designer-relevant fabrics and hardware finishes that elegantly complement any decor. Combined with our advanced lighting, climate, AV and security controls, you have a complete home automation solution that maximizes efficiency convenience and comfort at all times.

Motorized Shades – San Diego. Call Kiwi Audio Visual

Kiwi Audio Visual is an award winning AV Company that has been in business in Southern California for over 16 years. That is the Kiwi way. Client and customer satisfaction is our first promise to you. We care about our clients, but Kiwi Audio Visual also cares about excellence in our service as business and a company that you can trust now and in the future.

Motorized Shades in San Diego
Home technology comes in various forms now…from home theaters, to the multimedia room, to home automation, motorized shades and lighting control to smart home surveillance. Invest in your home by keep up with technology. If you are building a home, we will work with you from the ground up to make sure your dream home is streamlined with home technology that meets your family’s needs. Remodeling and upgrading also fits in for the time to upgrade your home technology. Kiwi Audio Visual offers a free consultation at no expense to you!