Traditional multi-platform systems compromise performance and reliability. They also make service and support more challenging. Ever wonder why your AV system isn’t more like your IT system

By standardizing on a single, validated platform, you can easily deploy scalable AV systems throughout your organization, provide a consistent user experience, manage all the technology on the network, and ensure that everything works flawlessly. How can you get a system design that meets all these requirements?

 100% Crestron = 100% Confidence

Crestron Certified Designs are specified and quoted by our Sales Support Services engineers. We stand behind and validate our designs, so you know the system will work as intended. Crestron Certified Designs provide the maximum uptime, are easy to upgrade, expand, and manage, and are backed by our global True Blue Support team. A Crestron Certified Design is comprised entirely of Crestron products from the categories below, whenever possible:

  • Control systems
  • User interfaces
  • AV distribution
  • Audio distribution and processing
  • Cables and wiring
  • Enterprise management software


Crestron Certified Designs offer additional benefits:

  • End-to-end “Certified Design”
    • Engineered and validated by Crestron to ensure premium performance and reliability – confidence that it will work!
    • Single platform scalable system solutions for every room size, room type, or application
    • Repeatable, managed system that can be supported
  • Enterprise-class AV solution that supports the latest IT standards
    • 802.1X, Transport Layer Security (TLS), Active Directory, and SNMP
    • Video distribution system support for DM® 3.0 technology standards
      • HDMI® and HDBaseT®, 4K/60 uncompressed bit-for-bit UHD/AV distribution and bi-directional scaling
    • Integration of multiple legacy formats
    • Copper, fiber, and streaming distribution
  • Five-year extended warranty
    • Additional two years above award-winning 3-year standard Crestron warranty
  • One-year FREE service agreement for large-format DigitalMedia™ switchers
  • FREE Crestron Fusion® Enterprise Management Software licensing
    • Built-in help desk, enterprise MS Exchange scheduling, and asset management
    • Remote and onsite system health monitoring and control
    • Cloud-based alerts and ROI/Asset/Usage reporting
  • Crestron Support – more than 90 offices around the globe
    • Crestron Technical Institute
    • 24/7 technical support


For your next AV system, insist on a Crestron Certified Design. Kiwi Audio Visual is an award winning AV firm in San Diego, serving Southern California residents for 16 years. 888-567-5494 Free Consultation click here. 

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