Crestron has long been known in the electronics industry for supplying the best in both technology and innovation; the company has never been satisfied with simply following trends. Instead, it focuses on creating them, on thinking outside the box before anyone else has ever figured out just what the box looks like. Now, Crestron has once again created a solution intended to help audio and videophiles get the most from their systems – their line of Crestron Digital Media (DM) products. Intended to work with a wide variety of input types over a large range, the DM line of switchers and input cards helps homeowners to find a unified system that streamlines all applications through one simple-to-use console. The DM concept has proven popular – Microsoft, Time Warner, and ESPN all have Crestron systems working for them, as do Rice, Midwestern, and Ohio State Universities to name a few.

The DM Advantage – Getting Specific

New technology leads to innovation, but also to a reduction in support for signals of a previous generation. Not only that, but multiple media sources will often use different inputs and outputs, leaving a homeowner struggling to find an overall solution that minimizes cabling issues. Fortunately, the Crestron DM system is designed to deliver in a big way. Take the entry-level DM-MD6X1 as an example. The MD6X1 supports RGB, HDMI, multi-format BNC video and SPDIF audio. In addition, the HDMI input comes with support for HDCP and DVI. This gives the MD6X1 the ability to take input from virtually any source in a home – computer, laptop, cable, or satellite box – and effortlessly route it where it needs to be. Speaking of routing, the system also allows for extra inputs up to 450 feet away from the source box with extra DM transmitters, giving MD6X1 systems the power to perform both in residential homes and in large business complexes with equal facility. Now you can stream multiple video and/or audio sources across several rooms in your house; all in the highest quality with no lag time or distortion.

Tying It In – Using DM with Other High-Quality Products

Crestron’s technology is such that it can broadly accept inputs from a variety of audio and video sources, giving a consumer and an electronics systems contractor the ability to create a full-home theater system from the ground up. No longer will you be limited from putting in a custom-built Triad or Prodigy sound system or a wide variety of both Plasma and LCD TV inputs. Ease of use is key for Crestron technology, as evidenced in their use of QuickSwitch technology when changing between HDMI signals. In order to minimize latency and lag time between signals, QuickSwitch ensures that an HDCP connection is maintained with each device in the system, meaning that no re-authentication of a new signal is necessary, greatly reducing lag experienced by users.

Crestron continues to push the home theater edge with innovations such as their DM system, helping to drive the entire industry forward. Visit our Website for more information on Crestron products.