High-quality indoor A/V systems are intended to give a home theatre atmosphere a feeling of luxury and completeness – the sense of being separate and apart from a “traditional” television room while still maintaining a sense of familiarity and comfort. One of the marks of an A/V installation master is to create a sound atmosphere in which listeners do not know exactly where the crisp and crystal-clear sound is coming from. While this has been nearly perfected by high-quality A/V providers for indoor systems, many clients are now looking to add seamless audio integration to their outdoor living spaces.

 This can pose a challenge for even technical wizards, and hiring a company with a reputation for both quality and performance is essential when creating an outdoor audio system. Outdoor speakers have evolved from their bulky progenitors, and are now made to order, with current models on the market shaped like rocks, small outdoor lights, or even taking the form of fully-functional planter boxes. In addition, items such as subwoofers can now be buried underground to create a bass effect unlike any felt in a home. Take a look at our product listing to see all of these items in their full detail: http://kiwiav.com/products.html.

By using a company that has expertise working with high-quality A/V materials, homeowners can design an outdoor living area that matches the high standards of their indoor entertainment system. Installed correctly, an outdoor speaker system can create a luxurious oasis of sound that guests will marvel at. For a high-quality indoor or outdoor sound system consultation, contact Kiwi Audio Visual today.