They had been so friendly, so knowledgeable. They had delivered everything as promised, from the big-screen TV to the stereo and integrated lighting system.

Not a cord was in sight, not a piece out of place. Technological magnificence, just waiting for someone to sit down and turn it on.

“It all works”, they said, “at the touch of a button.”

Yeah, right, but… Which button?

You’d like your technology to work as expected. But it doesn’t, always. In fact, sometimes you might just wish for simpler days when a power button was a power button, and changing the channel was as easy as…

Getting up and walking across the room and twisting a knob on the TV?? NOT!!

Especially when Kiwi AV is there to assure you can easily use and enjoy the latest home systems – automated lighting and home energy management, entertainment, home networks, security. Sophisticated systems whose technological power is revealed, not by the difficulty of using them, but through the simple joy of experiencing them.

Experience the thrill of whole house audio and video distribution. Effortlessly control which sections of your house stream your favorite albums or have the movie you are watching follow you from your living room to your bedroom, without having to miss a single frame.

Kiwi can make just about anything you want to happen, happen. Even something that really does work…

At the touch of a clearly labeled button.

Experience Kiwi. For you, we’ll fly.

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