When building a custom home, there are many things that go into making sure that it will stand the test of time. While most people think about the framing of the house and the exterior handling the challenges of Mother Nature, we in the Audio Video Industry are always thinking about having enough wire run throughout the home to handle the newest streaming video or extra channel of audio. The technologies are constantly changing and getting better and better. There is nothing better then knowing that you are prepared for anything when it comes to installing a new pair of speakers or new HDTV.
When you are sitting down with your Electronic Systems Contractor and have some decisions to make, never take out the wire. If you haven’t decided on a distributed audio system, or trying the newest streaming video server, ALWAYS make sure that the wire is still run to all of the possible locations. This makes your decisions easier in the long run because the wire will have been sitting patiently in the wall, awaiting the purchase of that new high definition plasma TV just in time for the big game.