Did you know that “Going Green” can be a hand-held action?  That’s right.  If you are connected to the world in the palm of your hand with one of the many smart phone variations out there, going green may be easier than you think. 

Small measures you take in your home will make a difference in your electricity bill. But did you know that savings can be as simple as ‘home energy management services’ that are available to you now? According to Steven Castle for HD Living, “This is no big secret, as many home energy monitoring and management services come with free smartphone apps. Home security and automation services that include some basic energy management from big energy management from big services providers like ADT, Comcast, Verizon, Vivint, and Alarm.com also tout smartphone control. And those that have it seem to love the fact that they can turn their thermostat up or down or adjust their lights from the iPhones, BlackBerries or Android-based devices.”

What immediate savings can you expect monthly from your electricity bill? Expect around 20%. That may not sound like much. However, if you spend $175.00 a month on your electricity bill that adds up to $2100.00 a year. Your savings in your bank account would be $420.00.  Not bad.  Most of us can spend much more than that in one month.  So simple steps like adding apps to your smartphone and iPads will contribute to conserving energy and saving you money.

Kiwi Audio Visual has been a premier leader in “Going Green” in Southern California for over 15 years.  Our Kiwi trucks have been seen in Orange County, Coronado, La Jolla, San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Palm Springs and many other neighboring communities. With over 150 years of combined staff experience, Kiwi is a trusted certified professional that can help you streamline your home technologies with a touch of a ‘tap’ on your iPad or smartphone.

If you are interested in a free consultation in how to start converting your home into a ‘green home’ today call 1-888-567-5494. You can also email us directly with your needs. Please leave in your message a viable contact number so we can help you accomplish your goals for your home today. Kiwi can add a ‘dedicated theater,’ media room, upgrade your current media room, add security surveillance cameras, and much more…