20 Years ago in January,
2000, Kiwi Audio Visual opened our doors

Seura: Waterproof TV's available in San Diego through Kiwi Audio Visual

Seura: Waterproof TV’s available in San Diego through Kiwi Audio Visual

Here we are 20 years later in 2020, and has home technology evolved expansively since then.
Thank you from from The Kiwi Team for all of the referrals, repeat business and remembering to call us when you needed an upgrade or help from a certified technician.
Over the years, Kiwi has built its business on offering reliable and excellent service; whether you were building a home from the ground up or just moved into a new home, each installation has given us our wings to fly to where we are now at this milestone mark of 20 years in business.
Thank you from the bottom our our hearts at Kiwi Audio Visual. The Kiwi slogan, ‘For You, We’ll Fly’ became possible because of customers and colleagues like yourself, taking time to refer us to your friends and family, as we continued to grow and evolve along with home technology.

Founded by William Dent and Alan Pickering, the company swiftly became known in Southern California as a ‘premier leader in home technology,’ winning numerous awards along the way. What used to be too futuristic, has now become ‘the new normal’ in the world of home technology.

Check out this link, “What Tech World did you grow up In?” which spans 30 years of time with the changes of technology from then to now, beginning in 1990.

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