The purpose of home automation
You come home at night, press a button on the wall next to the front door, and lights come on in the hall, kitchen, and den. While relaxing in the living room you notice it’s too bright, so you close the curtains using your tablet. Better yet, your smart home does it for you automatically. If there’s nothing interesting on TV, with one tap on your smartphone, the home theater system turns on, and in moments you’re streaming your favorite movie. From traditional buttons to touchscreen interfaces and smartphone and tablet apps with remote capability, it’s easy to interact with lighting, climate, security, multi-room audio and video, and more.

Lighting control and so much more Press a button, and lights brighten while shades go down. Press another button, and the lights dim and music plays. Press another, and lights go out in your room, and all over your home. Manage multiple rooms from a single keypad, and preset levels and areas for specific events, like Party, or Away. Program certain lights to turn on or off at specific times. Control everything that can be controlled in your home, automatically, from a touch panel or any mobile device.
There’s a shade style to suit your home, with many options featuring black-out capabilities to completely darken a room. Just as there are many styles of shades, there are even more fabric choices; we will work closely with you or your designer to compliment your décor. Adjust your shades just like your lights, with a wall switch from a separate remote, or as part of an entire automation system. Create a schedule that adjusts them for your family’s needs.
Smart thermostats save you money by adjusting your home’s temperature automatically throughout the day. Smart lighting makes it appear someone is home, even when you’re away, by turning lights on and off throughout your house. Built-in sensors turn off lights when rooms are empty.
Custom designed speakers with multiple high-quality components dramatically improve the sound from the small speakers built into today’s flat TVs. Control the music playing in multiple rooms of your home, and the volume, all from a single mobile device.
Security cameras bring peace of mind. Check who is at your door from your sofa, by the pool or while you’re relaxing on vacation. SAFE AND SECURE in an uncertain world. How? From door locks that email or text you when used or unused, to security cameras you can access from anywhere in the world, your smart home is a safe home. Check your front porch for packages. Let your spouse in when keys are forgotten. See who’s at the front door without getting off the couch. A security system fully integrated with a home automation system means your family’s well-being has never been more security.
Hosting Holiday Parties this year?Imagine The party is in full swing. Every room in your home fills with stories, laughter, and music. The kitchen has gotten a little loud, so you turn down the volume on the room’s hidden speakers with your phone. You display pictures from vacation on the living room’s flat panel. Outside, the grill is fired up, and music fills the air. The night is young, with whole home audio and video providing entertainment throughout your home. Instead of being limited to your computer or phone, imagine access to your entire music collection in every room in your home. How about instant access to every movie you own, with the ability to play it back on any TV, in any room, without ever touching a disc? Whole home audio and video is more than just speakers and TVs throughout the house; it’s about seamless and simple access to your entire digital library. It’s about listening to or watching what you want, when you want, where you want, with ease.