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Why Kiwi when it comes to a home theater? The simple answer is this:

Why not only trust professional trustworthy certified technicians in your home? 

The home theater market can vary from a box from Best Buy to a home automation system that monitors your shades, lighting control and surveillance of your home. In San Diego, the choices are there for you to make on which company you choose to trust in your most private space–where you live. And that is exactly what a home theater is. It’s home entertainment where you live, in the safety of your home. A home theater is your personal choice in products, lighting to seating to your speakers you choose for the quality of your sound.

Kiwi Audio Visual has been installing home theaters in San Diego since year 2000. With over 16 years of experience and 600 clients in the Southern California region, our first goal is to provide you with excellent service, fast installing time done in a proficient manner. Kiwi also has a dedicated smaller team–Rapid Response– that specifically installs home theater needs on a smaller scale for our clients.

Here is a list of some of the home theater needs Kiwi provides: 

  • Computer Network Set-up
  • Flat Panel TV Installation
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Music throughout the home
  • Multi-media room for movie and gaming needs

Kiwi Rapid response is on-call to fulfill the Kiwi Promise to you and your family. Call Kiwi Rapid Response for a complimentary assessment of options for your new home today. slider_img3

Kiwi Audio Visual has built its reputation designing custom home theaters in San Diego for elite home owners throughout Southern California. But not all home owners need an elite theater. The multi-media room has become a prominent fixture for those residents needing home technology needs on a smaller scale. So from our larger home automation systems from where Kiwi works with the builder from the ground up, to retrofitting a new home with whole-house music or the newest lighting control, Kiwi AV can fly for you. That is our motto and what our technicians do every day for our clients.

We look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions or are just curious about the newest home technology possibilities, call us to day for a free consultation.

Home Theaters San Diego? Yep, that’s us! Call Kiwi today.