Kiwi Test LabOne of the most important phases of a large, custom audio-visual installation is the in-house testing.  The  Test Lab is designed and wired so that future projects can be connected and tested fully before we bring our crew to you. What does this do? In-house testing is instrumental in finding small bugs and other issues that might otherwise be found onsite halfway through an installation. No extra time is wasted on issues that might arise otherwise. The test lab includes testing the audio zones, video zones, touch panels, and other subsystems. The efficiency with testing components and programming early also saves costly man hours later on during the project.

Kiwi has been serving San Diego since year 2000, building our business on reliability, effective installs, trustworthy employees and premier products that are on the cutting edge of all of your home tech needs. Kiwi Audio Visual’s test lab in-house is just one extra example of how Kiwi will fly for you every step of the way.
Our doors are open if you would like to take a tour of our office or come see the test lab in person. If you are thinking about upgrading your home technology needs, don’t hesitate to call at (888) 567-5494, and ask about the opportunity of a FREE Consultation. From Who? From a knowledgeable A/V Consultant that can reveal wealth of knowledge Kiwi Test Labin the latest trends in home technology today, making sure you know each option available to you as a homeowner today.

Here is our corporate address in Carlsbad:

Kiwi Audio Visual
1950 Kellogg Ave
Carlsbad, CA 92008

San Diego Home TheaterKiwi Audio Visual is a premiere home technology company in Southern California that has been serving residents as one of the top trusted companies in San Diego by providing, proficient service, customer care, while offering only the best products in home automation, home theater today.


Our mission is to provide discerning clients with high performance home theater and whole house audio/visual systems at an unrivaled level of service and with an unmatched drive to sustainability. For You, We’ll Fly!