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Discover the Magic of Runco Projectors

RanchoSantaFeHomeTheaters-KiwiAudioVisualRunco designed its LightStyle LS12-HBd to create stunning video at a scale unattainable from other projectors. The award-winning LightStyle series will complement home entertainment systems in living rooms, media rooms, full-blown home theaters and even “Flex-Theater” environments, spaces where big-screen entertainment is only part of the room’s purpose. LightStyle projectors create an affordable, big-screen video experience in virtually any room of the house.

The LS-12HBd includes the innovative Dimension Digital Controller, which is designed to enhance 3D performance of Runco products. The DDC also provides a full suite of calibration tools to achieve the perfect picture in all viewing HomeTheater-RanchoSantaFeenvironments.

Three Chips Are Better Than One

Runco’s LS-12HBd three-chip system produces deeper color saturation, more vibrant hues and an overall brighter picture for optimal viewing, whether you’re watching a 3D movie, sporting event or your favorite TV program.

Choose Your Design

Runco’s exclusive LightStyle FinishPalette provides a unique world of projector personalization and customization that reflects individual styles and decors. Ideal for the sports enthusiast or anyone with school pride, Runco FinishPalette offers exact color matching for any college or pro-sports teams, as well as room décor and treatments.

The Runco Legend

For more than 20 years, Runco has been a pioneer in home theater projection, consistently leading the industry with cutting-edge technology and award-winning products. Runco’s many “firsts” include the high-resolution projector/processor combination; the aspect ratio controller, a significant milestone in the video industry; the 9″ CRT projector; and the first laser disc player with Dolby AC-3 capability and THX certification. Those are just a few examples of the Runco magic. Experience the LightStyle LS-12HBd for the latest.

Kiwi is proud to offer a broad selection of projectors, flat-panel displays and DHD digital controllers. Contact us today and find out for yourself the difference Runco makes.