The new face of high-quality A/V and home theatre includes not only a focus on green technologies such as automation and solar power, but also on complete synchronicity of all system parts. Consumers have high standards for the products they purchase not only in terms of overall quality and installation, but also in terms of ease of functionality. Two devices that are now frequently becoming home theatre integrated are the iPad and iPhone.

iPads are gaining home theatre functionality with the emergence of apps such as the one from Creston. Creston offers a free app download in the form of Creston Mobile which turns the iPad into a 2-way touch panel that can be made to work with any Creston product. This instantly gives the user the ability to create a self-designed remote control layout that can wirelessly turn on and manipulate all aspects of their home theatre experience – from lights and sound to video and action.

The integration of Apple devices into existing home theatre systems means greater ease of control for users and a broader range of functions for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.