INTEGRA – San Diego   A Full Entertainment System

Integra’s flagship DBS-50.3 Blu-ray player is a total entertainment system that, besides producing exceptional quality from Blu-ray discs and DVDs, streams audio and video from your media library and favorite sites for a full range of unsurpassed entertainment possibilities.Integra-KiwiAudioVisual

Let’s Play The DBS-50.3 can play – and improve – just about any type of content you have, from video on USB flash drives to regular DVDs to 3D movies, all in real-live surround sound.

Cream of the Crop Editors from some of the most well respected AV magazines, as well as audiophiles worldwide, have named the DBS-50.3 among the best in its class for producing incredibly vivid images and crisp, rich audio at an unbeatable price. 

Taking Entertainment to the Next Level
The DBS-50.3 has a sleek design that will complement any room. But it’s far more than just a pretty face. Built from the highest-quality components, the DBS-50.3 has earned the coveted THX certification. That means the DBS-50.3 presents stunning colors, accurate contrasts, deep blacks and optimized video scaling so that your regular DVDs look better than on conventional players. You’re also guaranteed pure sonic performance because all audio that passes through the DBS-50.3 suffers no degradation.There are just too many features packed into the DBS-50.3 to mention. The one to remember, though, is “versatility.” Connected to a 3D-enabled TV with a compatible HDMI cord, the DBS-50.3 replicates a cinematic experience found only in the best theaters. The unit’s Ethernet port also gives you access to your favorite video streaming sites. And if you’re in the mood for listening to music, the DBS-50.3 renders audiophile sound from any file in your library.Integra-RanchoSantaFe-KiwiAudioVisual

Inspired By Passion, Driven By Excellence
Integra builds passion and excellence into the design, construction and performance of all its premium AV components. Integra backs that up with world-class customer support, technical assistance and warranties for an unparalleled track record among home entertainment enthusiasts and AV professionals.

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