Integra Takes Audio Beyond Expectations

Integra-San-Diego-KiwiavTo deliver the astounding sound effects mapped by Atmos requires a unit with a really great “brain”.  It has to take a constant stream of meta data and distribute it to all of your speakers.  When you see these new Integra receivers, you will know right then, Integra did not skimp anywhere on these!  They are built like tanks, with a lot under the hood.  The top of the line DTR-70.6 weighs in at 58 pounds and has 11 amplified channels to handle a full 7.1.4 Atmos system.  In addition, it can handle the latest 4K video signals, stream audio from all the major audio services and if that were not enough, also play high resolution audio files!  It’s even software upgradeable.

The new DTR-50.6 and DTR 60.6 also have Atmos processing but with less amplifiers on board to reduce costs.  These have outputs to add additional amps or in many cases may provide all the power needed for your Atmos theater.  Plus they also do 4K, streaming, and high resolution audio.  Please come see us to discuss which of these would best fit your needs for the ultimate Atmos home theater.

The DHC-80.6 Ushers In New Era of Preamplifiers

Kiwi Audio Visual can help you integrate any Integra products with your current media room or theater

Kiwi Audio Visual can help you integrate any Integra products with your current media room or theater.

For the enthusiast, the DHC-80.6 may well be the most flexible home theater preamp to ever hit the market.  It’s a great choice for the home theater where you have already invested in quality power amps and just need to update your controller to move into the exciting world of Dolby Atmos.  And what an upgrade it will be!  You’ll get all the features of the new receivers along with 15 fully balanced preamp outs with support for up to 4 subwoofers, 2 more fully configurable zones of audio outs, network control, and more.


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Integra builds its premium line of AV systems with a unique mission: to design and create components that sound great, are upgradeable and multi-zone expandable that home theater enthusiasts will cherish. They back them all up with a full 3 year warranty as well. Dolby Atmos is the next revolution in sound.  Hear everything the movie producers intended you to hear with your own Atmos theater powered by Integra. We are proud to offer Integra’s full line of AV components. Contact us today to hear and see how Integra and Dolby Atmos are changing the world of home entertainment.