Interior designers face a bright future as more and more homeowners turn to these aesthetic experts to bring a sense of fun and joy to their homes. Along with interest in whole-home redesigns, owners are also seeking a complete home theater experience, and are in need of qualified technicians to provide them with a truly immersive sound and video package.

The devil in home renovation projects lies in the details, which is something that both designers and installers must contend with. Sometimes, conflicts can arise between a designer and installation technician if necessary electronic components cause an aesthetic concern or interfere with the use of a space. Good communication and professionalism from both parties can help to alleviate this concern and allow the two experts to work out a mutually acceptable solution.

In order for an A/V installer to assist an interior designer and expedite the project, it’s a good idea for the technician to streamline the process by letting the designer know what they are going to install and when. Options such as invisible speakers or display lifts can help to minimize the visual impact of the equipment and help designers and installers work together to complete a project. Installers and designers are seeking to accomplish the same goal: to make the homeowner happy. By working together, this goal is accomplished far more easily, and in such a way that both professionals are able to do their best work.