An integral part of designing the perfect home these days includes anticipating the family’s needs for lighting. The lighting system creates welcoming and livable spaces, transforming new construction or renovation into a home. Fixtures, lamps, lenses and other accessories need to answer to a wide variety of requirements, while the control system ensures the success of the design.

Lighting control creates the right balance of light for any area of the living space, while avoiding glare. Thus, the occupants can illuminate only the required rooms with lighting designed for their activities. In fact, one control system can handle lighting, HVAC, entertainment and security from integrated keypads anywhere; however, this misses perhaps the most important aspect of lighting control.

As energy becomes more costly we all need to reduce our carbon footprint and overall energy usage. Lighting control systems assist here, too. First, reduce the need for electricity by re-lamping from incandescent to more efficient compact fluorescent lamps. Control systems enable users to run fixtures at less than full capacity, extending lamp life, and reducing consumption and operating costs.

Control systems set light levels and prevent using and paying for more wattage than you need. You can also light and extinguish fixtures remotely and avoid burning lights unnecessarily. Finally, reducing your use of electricity will reduce your utility bills, especially important in today’s economic climate.