Lighting Control Illuminated Lunch and Learn Recap

On May 3st, Kiwi Audio Visual hosted a Lunch and Learn in Carlsbad, California in the village by the sea. The guests included interior designers and residential architects from different regions of Southern California. 16 guests received 1 CEU accredited point toward continuing education. Michelle Baker, regional sales manager of Crestron, is a certified CEDIA instructor of the course, Lighting control Illuminated. What was the class about? Lighting control has become a standard in new construction. This class covers information for home homers to understand when considering a lighting control system, and why it has become relevant in custom home construction and retrofitting.

Here are a few of the Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss and differentiate between various types of lighting control system solutions offered today.
  • Identify the benefits of lighting control-answering the question, “Why would your clients install lighting control systems in homes?”
  • Clarify common misperceptions related to lighting control systems, which we may hear when educating your clients on the value of lighting control systems.
  • Explore design considerations to discuss with homeowner.


Why is lighting important to your home? Here a few quotes that capture the essence of lighting in custom home design:


“Light is the first element of design; without it there is no color, form, or texture.”
~Thomas E. Farin – educator, lighting consultant, entrepreneur

Lighting Control-San Diego: Trust the experts at Kiwi Audio Visual.


“More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building.”
Frank Lloyd Wright – architect

“Because light alone among the designer’s tools is constantly changing throughout the day, with one light source capable of expressing so many different moods, it is the home’s fourth dimension.”

-Alexsandar Rublek – lighting designer


After the one hour classed finished, guests enjoyed lunch provided by Kiwi Audio Visual, a tour of the corporate office and networking with other guests. This is Kiwi Audio Visual’s 11th Lunch and Learn to host since 2013, providing continuing free educational resources to our colleagues in the custom home building trade. Kiwi will host two more lunch and learns in 2017—at the end of August and before the holiday season. If you would like to attend our next event, please contact: to have your name added to the invitation list.