Lighting Control in San Diego

Five Benefits of Lighting Control

There is a variety of lighting control solutions to choose from that can easily be customized to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget. Thanks to today’s technology, lighting control can start with basic dimming and switching and eventually be integrated into a full home automation solution to work in conjunction with automated shades, security and a home entertainment system. Whichever type of lighting control solution you choose, it will save you money by reducing energy usage. Here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to explore the benefits of lighting controls:

1. Beautify Your Home With A Painless Facelift
Most walls in your home probably have more than one lighting switch. With today’s lighting controls, such as the line from a leading company like CRESTRON, you can replace all of those with one keypad. These keypads include several buttons to control lighting not only in that room, but others as well. Today’s keypads and dimmers come in a variety Home Entertainment San Diego: Call Kiwi Audio Visual 888-567-5494of options – including size, color and styles – that are designed to complement the décor of any room.

2. Convenient Control
For the ultimate in convenience and security, many of today’s lighting systems can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet, via a clean and intuitive interface. You can also control outdoor and landscape lighting from the comfort and safety of your home. Remote lighting controls are especially handy for second homes. Whatever house you’re going to, arrive to one that has the right lighting at the right time.

3. Conserve Energy 
Using dimmers for one year can save up to 20% on energy bills, using occupancy sensors saves up to 50% and the combined use of dimmer and sensors can save up to 60%, according to reports. In addition, when you dim lights to 75% of their full power, you perpetually save money and conserve energy without sacrificing comfort.

4. Save Money
While standard lights only save energy when they are turned off, controlled lights and dimmers save money all of the time. That applies not only to incandescent lights, but also to all lighting sources, including LED bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and halogen. On average, dimming any type of light source can reduce energy bills by roughly 20%.5. Set The Mood
Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a cocktail party for a group of friends, timed lighting scenarios for added home security, or optimized for the most productive work environment, controlled lighting lets you set the mood and create the ultimate ambiance for any occasion and in any room or outdoor space. And all of that can be done from one control panel or with an elegant app on your smartphone or tablet. Smart lighting systems bring an added sense of security, as well as new levels of comfort, beauty and cost savings, to your home.