KiwiAudioVisual-homenetworksLighting Control and Much More- Home Automation Lighting and shades to fit your lifestyle

Press a button and lights brighten while shades go down. Press another button, and the lights dim and the music begins to play. Press another? Yes! And the lights go out in your room and all over your home. Convenience, mood and ambiance can be managed in multiple rooms of your home with one single keypad. You can preset your levels and areas for specific events…like “PARTY,” “AWAY,” or “EVENING.”Program lighting and motorized shades controls to change settings with specific time settings. Have the mood set for you after a busy work day so when you walk in the door the feeling of stress can release. The feeling of the hectic pace can melt away because you have set the mood.

What else?

You can program certain lights to turn on or off at specific times. Control everything that can be controlled in your home, automatically, from a touch panel or from a mobile device. There’s a shade style to suit your home, too. Kiwi Audio Visual can help you coordinate your settings, choose your shades and even connect you with a local interior decorator that can help place the finishing touches in your home. Just as there are many styles of shades, there are even more fabric choices; we will work with you closely to Kiwi Audio Visual home automation san diegocompliment your decor and help you create your vision.

You can adjust your shades just like your lights, from a wall switch of with a separate remote…or as part of an entire automation system. Create a schedule that adjusts them for your family needs.

  • MODERN HOMES have never looked and felt so magnificent with the help of our certified technicians at Kiwi Audio Visual. After your install has been completed, you can count on Kiwi to still be here in the future to service you and any other home technology needs you may have in the future.
  • Kiwi also specializes in Surveillance, Home Computer Network Setups, Phone Systems, Home Theater, Multi-media rooms, sound, video and hiding technology within the decor of your home.
  • Pre-wiring a wireless home from the ground up. If you are building a home, don’t forget to pre-wire now for your wireless technology needs. Kiwi can help add value to your home with these technology upgrades that will also help lower your monthly electric bill.
  •   Kiwi will help you also manage your project: 
    • Consult – Our experts visit, appraise and discuss the project to ensure your dreams are realized.
    • Develop – Our in-house team formulates the specifications and planning to eliminate any potential delays during construction.
    • Create – Our certified professionals design, build and install a flawless, customized system to match your specific needs.
    • Maintain – Our dedicated staff provides 7-day customer support to ensure every system operates at peak performance after installation.

    Top Flight Quality and Service

    To maximize your experience, we prepare all equipment racks and programming prior to finished installation. This eliminates unnecessary hours in your home or office. Our Test Lab in our corporate headquarter allows our certified technicians to prepare your install with extra precaution that other companies cannot facilitate for their customer. Kiwi’s main objective is to take care of our clients’ wants and needs.

  • If you would like to find out the magical moments Kiwi can help you create, you can call 888-567-5494 and ask for Kyla. Please mention you read this blog so you can receive a FREE CONSULTATION. Or you can email us at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        *** Some of this material was provided by HTSA