Luxury Living Tech Toys

If you’re on the path to build or are house hunting for your luxury dream home, no doubt you will

search for those custom features that make a house a home. Bespoke built-in cabinetry, exquisite tile
work in the kitchens and bathrooms, a floor plan that is more like a dessert at a fine restaurant than
cookie-cutter—well thought out and unique. And just like a luxury home contains these custom
touches and craftsmanship, so should your technology be suited to your exact needs and
environment. Here, we take you through some of those elegant and high-end touches that turn a
home with a technology into a high-tech hav en where technology is so w ell integrated, it’s hardly
Let’s start w ith the basics. Just like you w ouldn’t purchase a home w ithout electrical, if technology is
part of your dream, you need a good wiring infrastructure. Many homes, luckily, are being built with
all the right cables, like Cat5 wiring, as part of the original blueprint. This allows you to do things like
add speakers and connect devices without having to go back in and walls with appropriate
cabling—a messy and inconvenient affair.
Some homes on the market may even have built-in automation systems. This is especially true of
some high-tech multi-dwelling homes, like luxury condos. Many times these automation systems will
be tied into a larger building automation system, allowing you to do things like contact the front desk
to let someone up or leave instructions if you are going on vacation. If you are purchasing a home
with a legacy automation system built-in, it’s a good idea to hav e an electronic systems integrator
come out and see if the system is up to date and will meet your specific needs. Many times, lighting
systems, security systems, and HVAC control will be installed, but the technology might be severely
outdated or even poorly installed.
Whether you are building from scratch or buying a new luxury home, we recommend considering a
private home theater or media room in your dream abode. The difference is that a home theater
controls the environment more closely than a media room by obtaining the ideal acoustic response
and eliminating ambient light. A multipurpose media is also a great solution, but is used for more than
just watching movies, like entertaining. We work with interior designers, carpenters, architects and
even acousticians who are skilled at the art of designing home theaters, from picking out the perfect
theater chair complete with reclining motorized seats to selecting the finish for the walls that will be
both beautiful and favorable to the technical considerations of a room. More often than not, these
20 home cinemas are the most-used rooms in the home, aside from the kitchen or bathroom. You can
even customize your home theater and also your home automation systems with your family name,
crest or photos, creating a personalized experience that is unique to your style.
Of course, once you decide how you want to outfit or retrofit your home w ith technology, you’ll want
to check out some of the latest high-tech luxury gizmos and gadgets—like a home cinema system
that lets you show first-run movies in your own home, a private wine sommelier system that keeps
track of your cellar, a golf simulator and some amazing 4K projection systems that will look incredible
in your private cinema. Come in or call us today for a demo of some of these luxury toys!