Motorized Shades: Worth the Investment? Motorized shades can make any room just that touch better.

Motorized shades are an intriguing addition to any home. However, it can be difficult for homeowners to see the benefits to them, at first. Motorized shades are undeniably just cool, in of themselves, but there’s far more to them than just upping the awesome factor of a home. Here’s what motorized shades have to offer:


The most basic function is helping to preserve your privacy. Believe it or not, a surprising number of thefts start when the criminal happens to look in your windows and see nobody is home. They choose, right then and there, to break in and rob the house. Motorized shades both prevent people from looking in, and prevent your home from being inventoried from the outside. And if you forget to pull them, you don’t have to worry about it.

Time Savings

Have you ever, right before a vacation, had to dash around the house and pull all the shades? Or, when you first get home from work, is the first thing you do go through the house and open up all the blinds to let in the sunlight? Motorized blinds can take care of that task for you with a simple push of a button, and can even be configured so that they only open towards the sunlight or only specific windows open at specific times of day.

Why spend time spinning rods and pulling cords? You can even do it remotely, through a smartphone app or a dedicated control. That way, you can stop worrying about your house and start enjoying it.

Climate Control

Open shades can put an enormous strain on your climate control system without your ever realizing it. Sunlight streaming in can look pretty, but if you’re not home, all it’s really doing is raising the temperature of your home. If you want to keep your home cool with less effort, motorized shades can be closed from anywhere, and give your air conditioner a break. Higher-end systems will even interface with your smart climate system, so that the shades will know to come down automatically, saving you money.

Protecting Your Furnishings

It’s not a secret that UV light isn’t exactly great on furniture, whether it’s fading upholstery, cracking leather, or otherwise damaging everything in your house. If you’ve got valuable furniture in your house, or just want your new sofa to last longer, motorized shades let you close windows selectively and ensure that everything in your house only gets sunlight when you want it to.

Home or office, motorized shades improve any space.

A Greater Degree Of Control

Motorized shades offer you a degree of control over your home that you might not first realize is useful. For example, advanced systems can be programmed or keyed to light sensors so shades are closed against the direct sunlight, and open away from it. You get all the benefits of natural light, without having to worry about the effects of direct sunlight. Everyone wants more control over their environment, and motorized shades offer that in a subtle, yet powerful way.

Motorized shades are a subtle addition to your home, but they pay off in a big way, used smartly. If you’re ready to have more control over your home, consider motorized shades. Call Kiwi Audio Visual today for a free consultation on how motorized shades can add to your flexibility and conserved on energy! 888-567-5494 for a FREE CONSULTATION Today.