Movie Servers Take Home Entertainment to New Levels ~Most major home control systems can be operated by an Apple or Android-based mobile device.Kiwi-Audio-Visual-Kaleidescape-RanchoSantaFe

 Today’s home theaters, media rooms and entertainment centers, no matter the size of the space, provide an unprecedented visual and audio experience that can rival and even surpass those of the best commercial movie theaters. Whether it’s part of a new home design or remodeling concept, a home entertainment system can include a full and scalable array of components and features. Think 2D and 3D full HD 1080p projectors, variable masking screens, 4K TVs, 9.1 surround sound systems, custom seating, and automated lighting and drapes. A movie server, though, is one component that takes the whole experience to an entirely new level. Without ever leaving the couch or recliner, homeowners can choose from among hundreds or even thousands of their favorite high-definition movies, new discoveries and more with the touch of button.


The Optimal Experience

High-quality movie servers range in price, depending on the amount of storage, feature sets and the number of zones the content can be distributed to. Essentially, they allow users to store, import, choose and play Blu-ray- and DVD-quality movies, as well as CDs, on one to as many TVs or entertainment systems as they desire. All of that is done through intuitive, easy-to-used interfaces and customizable apps so that family members never have to change another DVD or navigate through confusing streaming services.

A Step Beyond

One high-end movie server manufacturer, Kaleidescape, goes a step beyond by offering a Blu-ray quality movie download store and the ability to upgrade DVD to Blu-ray quality movies. All movies, no matter the source, are brought together in a single library for added convenience and are rendered to preserve the highest visual and audio experience. Kaleidescape movie players bring up Blu-ray content in a matters of seconds and even knows where a feature film starts, skipping all warnings, previews, menus and ads. The system also plays back all imported content legally, so families can immediately enjoy their movie experience without having to download sketchy software from unknown companies.

A Server for All Lifestyles

Many top-of-the-line movie and media servers can integrate seamlessly into full home entertainment systems and control platforms. The units are also built with style in mind so they can proudly sit in any room without compromising surrounding design elements. Today’s units also incorporate powerful, energy-efficient processors for outstanding image clarity and sound reproduction. Some also include remote management capabilities that allow an electronics system integrator to detect trouble with a system before it actually occurs. Others, like TiVo’s new Roamio, easily expand the viewing of recorded programs, on-demand content and apps to multiple rooms.

Get Ready For 4K

With Netflix already releasing more 4K Ultra High-definition content – and Amazon, Comcast, Fox and others planning their own 4K releases – expect manufacturers to release movie servers capable of playing 4K content during the next 12 Kiwi-Audio-Visual-Movie-Servers-San-Diegomonths. Sony was the first to launch a 4K media server, the FMP-X10, and began shipping the second generation this summer. While true 4K content is still limited, the amount of releases and streaming options grow each day.

Making the Right Choice

There are a variety of high-quality movie/media servers on the market today. Choosing the right one to meet your client’s needs, lifestyle and budget can be tricky. We are technology and design experts who have deep experience choosing the right movie server that optimizes any home entertainment experience. We are happy to discuss any project you are working on to help put together the optimal solution that fits your clients’ lifestyles, design needs and budgets.

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