Whether your project involves renovation or new construction, including a home theatre begins a series of other decisions. In order to specify and install optimal systems, all involved need to understand what the space will be used for. If the home theatre is dedicated only to movie watching, some things to consider would be control of the light in the room and seating distances from the display; however, if it will also accommodate family time or gaming, then more room would be needed in front of the seating for activities and game controller connections.
As design professionals, then, you need to consider the ability of your partners to anticipate these questions and ask them at the right time, before the design is final. It is okay to not have all of the answers to technical questions as long as you have the right people standing in the wings ready to help. Tackling these issues now may prevent an additional renovation later. Beyond having asked the right questions, you’ll also need an expert on your design team to propose resourceful, economic, and versatile solutions.
While the challenge may be as simple as finding a location for a projector in the home theatre, even that can be accomplished in many different ways and not all of those solutions will prove successful over time. You need a partner who understands what the trade-offs look like and can help you and the client navigate them to the right conclusion. The Kiwi Audio Visual web site illustrates the level of expertise in high quality audio visual installations required to ensure successful projects.