Need Audio Visual or Home Automation troubleshooting? Call Kiwi! Our Rapid Response team makes it possible to be available to you within 24 hours. If you have an emergency and need help with your audio, video, security cameras or Crestron home automated systems, call Kiwi at 888-567-5494. Even if Kiwi did not install your system, we have the most reliable and dedicated team that can solve your home technology problems. Having our Rapid Response Team is a key component that separates us from our competitors. Depend on certified and trained technicians. Kiwi’s programmers are ‘in house’ at our corporate office. That means we are able to accommodate your needs with a fast, effective turnaround time.

As life speeds up with more ‘to-do,’ including keeping up with the current trends in technology, make sure you are making wise choices with your time and money. Don’t choose a company without an office location. Make sure the technicians and company profile have longevity in your neighborhood.  Inquire among friends in your community to see if anyone recognizes the company’s name…As Audio Visual Companies ‘come and go’ in Southern California, Kiwi has remained.

Our office in Carlsbad has a testing lab in which our technicians can test audio zones, touch panels, and other subsystems. This testing lab can find issues or problems another company might have missed without a testing lab on the premises of their business location. If this sounds intriguing to you or you would like a tour of corporate office with a free consultation on how Kiwi can improve home automation, audio, video, or any of your home/business technology needs, please call us today at 1-888-567-5494.

Kiwi Audio Visual’s corporate office

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