Apple is known for user-friendly products such as the iPod and iPad, but has had little success in the high-quality A/V market as their first two versions of the Apple TV were bulky and difficult to use. Hoping to change all that, Apple has now released the third iteration of its Apple TV box, a streaming, cloud-based TV and movie player for home theatre enthusiasts.

The specs look promising: it can display streaming TV in 720p, not as high as a Blu-Ray player, but a significant improvement over other TV boxes; uses the A4 1Ghz processor from the iPad, 802.11N Wi-Fi; and can be controlled using the Apple remote app on the iPod or iPad. Overall, it’s a significant A/V improvement from the last two versions.

The new Apple TV is also far smaller than any other TV box out there – only 4 inches across and less than 1 inch high, it blends in seamlessly to a high-quality home theatre system. So seamlessly, in many cases, that guests can’t even tell where it is located in the room.

For a homeowner considering a home theatre system installation using cutting-edge technology, the new Apple TV might just be something to consider. With sleek, fast menus and a growing library of TV and movies to choose from, in combination with a tiny space footprint, Apple is likely to be a major player in the high-end A/V market for the first time, and home theatre enthusiasts stand to significantly benefit from this technology.