18 Tips to Get Your Backyard Ready

We report on outdoor A/V nearly every spring. That’s because the trend gets stronger and stronger
every year as homeowners increasingly want to spend time outdoors, as evidenced by every
consumer electronics magazine under the sun devoting entire issues to the concept. Best practices
for outdoor A/V remains largely unchanged with the exception of a few fun trends. Here are 18 tips
and tricks, however, for getting your space ready, not to mention creating an out-of-this-house A/V
1. Wireless audio is your new BFF. While we always prefer a hardwired connection for audio
quality, wireless home audio systems are great for getting music outside, without a lot of
planning or structural wiring.
2. The more outdoor speakers, the better. For those purists who want to get the best sound, we
suggest more speakers dispersed throughout your patio or backyard for even coverage
aimed toward the home so that you w on’t annoy the neighbors.
3. Create fun playlists. Without tunes to liven things up, it’s not really a party at all.
4. Plan for permanent fixtures. It’s important to plan for permanent outdoor electronics. For
example, you need to install pool speakers before the concrete is poured, and conduit will
need to be run to any permanent outdoor video displays.
5. Look for speakers that blend in. Compact speakers designed with flexible mounting options
are increasingly popular because you can place them in trees, bushes or virtually anywhere.
6. Involve us from the beginning and wire for more speakers than you need. You may decide
later on that you want more!
7. Allocate the proper space for in-ground subwoofers, which produce great bass outdoors.
8. Invest in a waterproof, rugged iPad cover or remote for outdoor control.
9. Never use indoor gear outdoors. You can’t simply take your TV outside, install it and expect it
to hold up to the elements.
10. Run video wiring to several different locations so that you can put video in one or more spots
should you decide to add more than one screen in the future.
11. Choose an outdoor display at the largest size you can accommodate and afford.
12. For outdoor TVs, make sure to get a mount that includes a lock and key mechanism to prevent
13. Protect your investment with outdoor security. A simple IP camera tied into your control system
should do the trick.
14. Light it right to set the mood and add to your home’s safety. We can program the right lighting
for various activities, like watching TV outside, a late night dip in the pool or a soak in the hot
15. Add specialty lighting to your pool (such as color-changing LED) before the water is added.
16. Add outdoor wireless access points to boost signal for continuous Wi-Fi coverage outside.
17. Wow your guests with an outdoor movie theater, complete with weatherproof screen and
drop down projector. Just remember that the appropriate housing is important.
18. Add other living elements, such as a grill, wood-burning pizza oven or outdoor seating.
Follow these guidelines and w e guarantee you’ll begin to enjoy your outdoor spaces more