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Prodigy offers you easy-to-use, simplified control of your home and entertainment from any room in your house or any place on the planet. Keep all your music movies, lights, thermostats and security at your fingertips where you are and wherever you go. You are always in touch and in control with Prodigy. Make your home the perfect sanctuary where you can escape every day stress. Just a simple tap of your finger brings you comfort, convenience and pleasure. Prodigy does all the thinking so you don’t have to.





Simple to install – Prodigy products are all specially designed to seamlessly work together so everything works better. Fast, reliable wireless solutions mean that any home system can be set up quickly and easily, saving time and money.

Easy to use – Prodigy is the brains of your new smart home. All your entertainment and environmental systems are streamlined into one central controller, so you can enjoy your home technology without having to understand it. Prodigy intelligently manages everything for you, so you just swipe a touch screen or tap a button and Prodigy serves up whatever you want.


Affordable – Peace of mind, security and pleasure are not luxuries reserved only for the privileged. Prodigy provides the highest level of home entertainment, comfort and convenience for every family,. Every lifestyle and every budget.

Expandable – New video games, mobile devices and streaming media boxes emerge constantly. Prodigy is built on an open platform so you can easily add new devices and the latest technology whenever you want. You can start with home theater today; distribute music throughout the house tomorrow; add lighting and climate control down the road. Prodigy XP is the only gateway to Crestron – the global leader of advanced home control systems. Prodigy delivers modern home management without compromise, and keeps you in control.

Kiwi Audio Visual has been serving San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, Orange County, Del Mar, and other neighboring communities as the top integrator of Crestron products. With 15 years of dedication, tenacity and high level of execution on all projects by certified technicians at Kiwi, Kiwi Audio Visual is a company you can count on NOW and in the future.

If you would like to learn more about Prodigy, please call 1-888-567-5494 to set up a free consultation on Prodigy can simplify your lifestyle today.  You can also contact us by email if that is more convenient for your schedule.

*This information was provided to Kiwi Audio Visual by Crestron