With the recent pandemic in 2020, social distancing and keeping others safe while

Kiwi Audio Visual is a #1 choice for a home theater installation in Rancho Santa Fe for residents. Established 2000.

Kiwi Audio Visual is a #1 choice for a home installation and outdoors entertaining n Rancho Santa Fe for residents. Established 2000. #20years2020

entertaining and socializing has amplified the need for outdoor entertaining. 

Here are some factors to consider installing an outdoor entertainment home technology system: 

Outdoor aesthetics
Speakers that look like rocks have been available for many years, and the performance and aesthetics have improved dramatically. There are many in-ground sub-woofers on the market as well. Subs can be quite large, but with this option most of the sub-woofer is buried underground leaving only a small port exposed.

Indoors and outdoors
Many outdoor speaker systems also work with a whole-house audio system that lets you have the same music playing outside as inside, if you choose. Or you can play different music in different areas.

Things to consider
When deciding which outdoor sound system is right for you, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Will this system provide background music or do you want a high-fidelity system that can play louder? Will there ever be dancing?
  • What medium are you going to be listening to music? Satellite radio or maybe streaming audio from Pandora® or Spotify or similar streaming-music providers? Or, will you be listening to downloaded music from your tablet, phone or another device?
  • How big of an area do you want the sound to cover? Larger areas need more speakers to create a consistent sound level. Too few speakers usually end up with parts of the space where the sound is too loud or not loud enough.
  • Will this be the audio part of an outdoor audio/video system? There are numerous flat panel displays that are made for outdoor installations,
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    designed to withstand the hottest summers and most bitter winter weather. There are also projection systems that can be used outdoors and weatherproof remote controls are available.

The options for outdoor entertainment systems are vast, and now is the perfect time to get your backyard prepped for outdoor living. Stay connected, yet social distance easily outside in with all of your friends and loved ones for that perfect sunset in the evening here in San Diego County.

Give us a call and we can guide you through the many decisions and design the right system for you. Wishing you a happy end of springtime and summer solstice is almost here. Kiwi Audio Visual can offer a FREE CONSULTATION.

We hope you and your loved ones are all well and safe.

The Kiwi Team