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Movie night just got a whole lot clearer.
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BY MICHELLE LEONARD ~Article featured in FINE Luxury Magazine 
KiwiAudioVisualFeatureMagEntertainment systems seem to constantly be evolving. So what exactly is new in the audiovisual world? Kiwi Audio Visual provides the latest and greatest products in home theater and whole house audio and visual systems. Let’s take a bird’s eye view with the company that set a professional standard and—unlike the actual, flightless kiwi—soars over the competition.

Techies will be excited to know that the hottest item for 2014 will be 4k televisions, which have a picture so crisp and clear that it will quadruple the current 1,080-pixel HD resolution of current televisions. For those looking to take the movie watching experience to a whole new level, Kiwi offers a selection of theater systems that will redefine movie night by eliminating the hassle of searching for show times and hunting for the best seats with Prima Cinema.

Prima Cinema allows people to view opening weekend movies in the comfort of their own home. With customizable luxury seats and the best sound quality available, Kiwi makes it easy to completely submerge one’s self into a euphoric movie-watching experience. The procedure couldn’t be easier. A simple one-touch process is created to connect with a customer’s smartphone or tablet.
Homeowner searching for quality service on a smaller scale, Kiwi has developed Kiwi Rapid Response. The Rapid Response Team provides these customers with technology solutions and service for music and multimedia systems, “family” home theaters, lighting systems, home networks and more.KiwiAudioVisualFeatureMag2
Kiwi CEO Brian Bass said, “We make it easy, easy, easy and that makes the customer happy, happy, happy.” Bass and his team understand the importance of customer service, and work hard to create a lasting impression with their clients. “Here at Kiwi AV we provide full support for all of our services before, during, and after the installation,” Bass said. “We keep an abundance of equipment and parts in stock. These extras are there for you, the client, so we will be there when you need us most. You will be pleasantly surprised to find a company who truly approaches technology with people in mind.”
And in a world where technology is ever-changing, that’s a comforting prospect. “Your satisfaction is guaranteed because you’ll get the security of knowing that it’s backed by a company with a long history of customer satisfaction,” Bass said. “At Kiwi Audio Visual, nothing is more important.”
For more information on Kiwi Audio Visual, contact Kiwi at (888)-567-5494 or info@kiwiav.com.

Kiwi Audio Visual is the premier Rancho Santa Fe Home Theater Company, with over 300 clients just in the Ranch. Kiwi Audio Visual services San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Coronado, Palm Springs, Orange County and even stretching up to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. In a high tech world that demands trust, luxury and excellence, Kiwi Audio Visual delivers.