Lighting Control in Rancho Santa Fe?

Crestron Lighting Solutions

Crestron lighting controls help rooms look their best, while improving the comfort and enjoyment of occupants. Our solutions offer customizable control of all your lights, plus control of everything else in your home at the touch of a button.

Imagine simplified controls that allow you to coordinate your lighting needs with other systems in your home. With the touch of one “scene” button, everything is set to exactly as

Rancho Santa Fe Lighting Control- Crestron; only the best for your home technology needs.

Rancho Santa Fe Lighting Control- Crestron; only the best for your home technology needs.

you like. The “Wake” scene raises the automated shades, turns on the lights, and adjusts the temperature to your preferred setting. Want to watch a movie with the family? The “Showtime” scene closes the shades, dims the lights, and starts your media system. “Good Night” sets everything for a great night sleep. With Crestron controls you can customize an unlimited number of scenes to match your lifestyle.

Crestron offers comprehensive lighting control solutions for any project—from new construction, to major renovations, to minor retrofits. We offer both wired and wireless control solutions that integrate with other systems, allowing virtually unlimited configuration, expansion, and flexibility. Check out what Crestron lighting solutions can do for you.

Wireless Lighting

Crestron wireless dimmers make it easy to enhance your lighting controls without any rewiring/remodeling and without compromising reliability. They install like ordinary wired dimmers, allowing you to set “scenes” on a keypad and control lights using the wires already in your walls. The difference is, you can now also adjust your lights from your favorite mobile device or Crestron touch screen using wireless control. Crestron offers easy-to-install solutions for automating and controlling LEDs, track lighting, incandescent, floor/table lamps, sconces, spotlights, and even outdoor lighting…wirelessly.

infiNET EX® Communication

Our wireless communication is built on our powerful, award-winning Crestron infiNET EX® technology. Designed for ultra-reliable performance, Crestron infiNET EX networks function flawlessly in any setting—even densely populated urban areas. Unlike Wi-Fi®, where many devices access one signal within range, infiNET EX creates a mesh network whereby each device on the network functions as an expander, passing command signals through to every other infiNET EX device within range (approximately 150 feet). Conventional wireless control solutions are often plagued by inconsistent performance due to potential interference with the sole signal. The infiNET EX mesh network makes the delivery of control commands extremely reliable, because if one path fails to deliver the signal, others will succeed.

Wireless Lighting Control Products

Crestron offers wireless products for individual dimming and switching of wall-box loads, lamps, and even multiple light loads from a single location. Crestron dimmers can be configured as keypads with up to 4 buttons, but we also offer an array of more customizable wired and wireless keypads. See our complete offering of keypads.

Wireless Cameo® Dimmers and Switches featuring infiNET EX

Field-Installable buttons, 12 designer colors, remote dimmer/switch support and white LEDs

CLW-DIMEX-P – Wireless in Wall Dimmer
CLW-DELVEX-P – Cameo® Wireless In-Wall ELV Dimmer, 120V
CLW-SWEX-P – Wireless in Wall Switch
CLW-DIMSWEX-P – Wireless in Wall Dimmer/Switch Combo
CLW-SLVU-P – Remote Dimmer/Switch

Wireless Cameo® Express Dimmers and Switches featuring infiNET EX

Field-Installable buttons and green LEDs

CLW-DIMEX-E – Wireless in Wall Dimmer
CLW-SWEX-E – Wireless in Wall Switch
CLW-DIMSWEX-E – Wireless in Wall Dimmer/Switch Combo

Wireless Lamp Control: Lamp Dimmers and Switches featuring infiNET EX

CLW-LDIMEX – Wireless Lamp Dimmer
CLW-LSWEX – Wireless Lamp Switch

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