The future of home theatre is 3D if statistics from Japan – the home television innovation – are any indication. According to a Goo survey from July of 2010, 24% of those polled wanted a 3D television set in their homes, even if they’d never seen one in action before. This kind of potential market penetration for high-quality 3D home theatre experiences has led to the design of top-end 3D projectors – for example the Runco 3DimensionSeries D-73d.

Long known for their superb home electronics, Runco is now making the leap into stereoscopic 3D with their new line of projectors. Using Runco’s proprietary Constant Stereoscopic Vision design, the projector is able to provide a movie-theatre quality 3D viewing experience using what are known as “passive” glasses. These proprietary shades contain no electronics or wiring, and are thus far less susceptible to environmental issues such as varied lighting or multiple electronic devices in a room.

The Runco D-73d is sleek and compact, easily fitting into a variety of aesthetic visions for a home theatre space. Add to that the fact that the projector is able to flawlessly display both 3D and 2D video in a native 1080p DLP 16×9 mode, and this Runco model is a standout as a marker for the next generation of 3D.

For anyone looking to take their home theatre space to the next level, the Runco 3Dimension Series of projectors are the current pinnacle of the industry.