According to Rancho Santa Fe Chief of police Matt Wellhouser, there were 27 break-ins in Rancho Santa Fe, California during the January-June of 2012. There have been reports of increased robberies all throughout Southern California; including Solana Beach, La Jolla, Carmel Valley and Encinitas.*

What can you do to safeguard your home so this does not happen to you?
* When you leave your home, lock the doors. 63% of burglaries in this area are occur because residents do not lock their doors or secure their home before they leave. Check screen doors, windows, and garage to make sure they are locked, too.

* Report strange vehicles in your neighborhood that appear to be to look suspicious.
* Do not open the door to solicitors or strangers.
* Add security cameras so you have visual access to your home.
* Make sure your home is well lit at night.
* Do not openly discuss valuables you may have located at your home, unless it is someone you trust.

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*Rancho Santa Fe News ran an article on increase in crime rate on July 26, 2012, by Patty McCormac