For professional A/V installers, some of the best jobs available come from savvy and well-positioned homeowners – those clients that have the means and the desire to purchase high quality A/V products. As home theater systems become more powerful and easier to access, more and more wealthy homeowners are looking to create a theater-like experience in their homes, complete with features like specialty lighting, Runco 3D projection systems, and whole-home control panels.

Opportunity for Advancement – The Creation of a Custom System

The creation of a home theater system for tech-smart customers can be a significant milestone for a business, as a satisfied customer can mean free word of mouth advertising as well as reputation gains. The opportunity to build a high-quality system also gives an installation technician the chance to shine, to bring their skills at creation and artistry to the forefront. Many wealthy homeowners will have an idea of what they would like that goes beyond the simple “home theater” model and will speak to specific product lines such as Creston and their whole-home U-Panel control options, along with options such as Digital Media. Homeowners know what they want – the best – and options such as the new Creston line are both impressive and versatile.

Easy to Avoid Pitfalls – Making the Best of a New Client Relationship

First are the issues surrounding the quality of the products being installed. Techs need to be certain that they are using the exact products asked for, and if these are not available or cannot be used, they need to communicate why. It is, after all, the client’s hard-earned money that is paying for the system, and it is in the best interest of both technician and homeowner to know exactly what types of products are being installed and when.

Next, be aware of questions concerning how products operate. A technician must be careful to confirm with homeowners what they expect from the system when it is finished. Often, technology companies advertise their products in such a way that they appear to be capable of more than they are. A professional technician will meet with the homeowner to discuss how the end system will look, as well as how it will perform when it is first utilized. A superior service technician will be able to craft a system that not only comprises the elements requested by a homeowner, but that also performs exactly as stated, bringing the theater experience directly into a home.

Communication as King – The Rise of the Savvy Homeowner

Technicians can easily ensure they side-step these problems by remembering that homeowners are now tech-savvy, and need only the basics of home theater details in order to understand their functioning. Superior communication gives techs the freedom they need to create a theater system that is a work of art while simultaneously providing homeowners with the peace of mind that they deserve.