Smart Homes Tops the List at CES 2018 in January

We hope you had a wonderful year in 2017. As the new year approaches, this also means one important factor: CES 2018 is just around the corner, the largest technology trade show in the world. Guess what topped the list?


Here is the excerpt from 

“This is the biggest no-brainer of the show. The smart home dominated last year’s event, and it’s showing no sign of slowing. In Best Smart Home Company in San Diego? Kiwi Audio Visual. Serving San Diego 18 years.fact, connected hubs like the Amazon Echo and Google home have made home automation an even larger focus. This, in turn, means you can expect more smart home devices from the usual players — names like August, Canary, Ring and Kwikset are all on the list of exhibitors.You also can expect to see showings from longstanding Motorized-Shades-San-Diego-Crestron: Kiwi Audio Visual has been serving Southern California as the leader in home technology for over 17 years.home product manufacturers embrace these technologies as a way to bring themselves up to speed with 21st century technologies. Last year also saw a big explosion in HomeKit-compatible devices. After all, while Apple’s never really been a direct player in CES, its smart home solution is a good way to keep Siri and iOS relevant at the show. That’s doubly important, given the recent delay of HomePod, the company’s first Siri-focused piece of hardware.Smart home offerings will no doubt run the gamut from locks to thermostats to vacuums. And keep in mind, CES has always been a big show for appliances from companies like Amazon Alexa San Diego-Kiwi Audio VisualLG and Samsung. Last year’s show saw a refrigerator sporting Bixby — it hasn’t exactly been a gangbuster year for Samsung’s smart assistant, but don’t be too surprised if it starts popping up on washing machines, vacuums and the like.” ~Written by Brian Heater at Tech Crunch article on “What to expect at CES 2018.”

This is exciting news for us here at Kiwi Audio Visual, a leader in Smart Home Technology in Southern California. As the new year is about to begin, we look forward to bringing you the very best quality in smart home needs, such as: 


  • Lighting control
  • Whole house audio/video
  • Climate control/energy
  • Motorized shades 
  • Home theater design
  • Multi-media room
  • Security for your home (surveillance) 
  • Computer network 
  • Home automation 
  • Voice command products for your home

Thank you, to our friends and colleagues and to our customers for making 2017 an outstanding year for our company. 2018 begins 18 years of service to you and to the communities of Southern California in bringing you excellent service for all of your home technology dreams.

Happy New Year!

The Kiwi Team