SMART HOMES in San Diego: Kiwi Audio Visual

Integrated Environmental Controls 

Winter weather begins tomorrow. From cold fronts and cooler nights, the temperature drops, which impacts our energy bills.
During these frigid winter months, we seek relief by blasting the heat, but that can come
at a cost. What if you could take total control of your utility usage and eliminate energy wasting
habits? It turns out you can. With the help of environmental controls and smart thermostats, you can
maximize your home’s energy efficiency, and do your wallet-and the earth-a favor.
Connected thermostats
At the most basic level, replacing your thermostat with a Wi-Fi controllable model will give you
greater control over your home’s climate. For one, it can be controlled from your smart phone or
tablet wherever you are. Out for the day and left the heat on too high? No need to worry about
wasted energy; just open your app and adjust the heat, no matter how far you are from home. When
it’s time to head back, adjust your heat again to have your home w arm and toasty by the time you
Zone control
One of the benefits of an integrated environmental control system is that you can set up your house
to heat and cool based on different zones. For example, why blast the heat in the living room or
kitchen when everyone is asleep? Conversely, during a hot summer day, why cool the bedrooms
when no one is using them? You can shut down entire areas of your home for even greater energySmart Homes San Diego- Kiwi Audio Visual
Integrated environmental controls
A truly integrated environmental system is where the magic really happens. In addition to
programming a thermostat based on your habits, environmental controls integrated into a larger
home automation system have the capability to respond to the world and other systems around
them. For example, you can install a system that will automatically react to the outside temperature,
time of day, or even the season of the year. When integrated with occupancy sensors, your system
can automatically shut lights off or adjust the temperature if there is no one in the room for an
extended period of time. Integration with light sensors also saves energy and makes for a greener
home. We can integrate thermostat control with window shade systems, light sensors, and more to
keep your home cooler, greener, and more affordable.

Whatever degree of functionality and control you decide upon, we can help you accomplish it
quickly and painlessly. You wouldn’t buy a new car that didn’t have electronic door locks, automatic
lighting control, a sound system or HVAC. Let us bring these “smart” technologies into your home