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Sony’s HAP-Z1ES adds richness and clarity to any music file.

High-Resolution Audio Brings Music To New Heights
High-resolution audio represents the most revolutionary milestone in sound reproduction since the introduction of the CD. To capture the nuances, warmth, detail and richness of this groundbreaking format, Sony has developed a new breed of high-resolution audio systems that deliver music in ways you’ve never heard. Finally, there’s a reason to once again fall in love with high-quality audio.



Sony set a new standard in hi-res audio playback with its 1TB HAP-Z1ES music player

The Leader In High-Resolution Audio
Sony has established itself as the leader in delivering high-resolution sound. Each component is elegantly designed to complement any room and engineered to deliver a high-quality audio experience that will impress audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. With the advent of new download services offering a wide variety of high-resolution music, the time is right to join the latest audio revolution. Why wait? Music converted to a digital format, whether its MP3 or even CD, loses much of the audio that was intended as part of the original recording. High-resolution audio formats and systems now deliver music the way the artist meant for it to be heard.

Sony’s TA-A1ES high-resolution amplifier provides an incredibly rich, clear and detailed soundscape.

A New Listening Experience
Sony has set a new standard in hi-res audio playback with its HAP-Z1ES music player. Packed with a 1TB hard drive, the unit stores and decodes entire digital music collections in almost any format and plays them back with a richness and purity that’s missing from other systems. The player also comes in a 500GB version, the HAP-S1/B, for smaller music libraries. Either player can be lifted to new heights when connected to Sony’s TA-A1ES hi-res amplifier. Whether playing a Beethoven symphony or the latest from Taylor Swift, the TA-A1ES provides an incredibly clear and detailed soundscape.


Sony’s TA-A1ES high-resolution amplifier provides an incredibly rich, clear and detailed soundscape.

Speaking of Quality Audio
Sony’s suite of high-resolution speakers – including the wireless SRS-X9 system and the small but powerful SS-HA1/B – are engineered to perfectly complement Sony’s music player and amplifier. The speakers deliver nuanced, full-range audio with impressive tonal balance and bass response, while reproducing high-frequency sound that is lost in most low-resolution digital music files.

Sony-Remote-San-DiegoHi-Res On the Go
Sony rounds out its with the NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman, the world’s smallest and lightest high-resolution music player. The unit plays a variety of file formats and can be expanded up to 192GB of storage with a micro SD card. You can stream hi-res music wirelessly through almost any system or take your high-res music library on the go.

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