There are so many devices out there that have the ability to stream 1080p video directly from the internet. Does this mean that Blu-ray is going the way of the Dodo? Unfortunately, the abilities of your new TV being able to stream the newest HD content is restricted by the bandwidth not only in your home, but the bandwidth available to you from your internet service provider. Many people live in neighborhoods where the traffic is so high that the HD movie they just rented will show up very jittery or not at all. The better way to watch the movie is to wait and download it which will still take a very long time. So while the instant HD movie watching idea is very cool, I believe that Blu-ray is still a better way to enjoy the newest blockbuster at home….for now. I am looking forward to a bright future where there is fiberoptic cabling being laid in the streets as far as the eye can see and the bandwidth inside your home is large enough to stream high definition movies to every room.