Everyone needs a new TV for the big game, whether it’s to watch celebrities like Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber awkwardly interact in yet another legendary commercial or to watch famous attendees feed each other (thank you Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez). So, shoppers flood the big box stores to find themselves staring at countless televisions with repetitive images. Relating these devices to a family’s needs requires more than cursory examination. So, the smart shopper researches televisions leading to confusion over acronyms like LED, LCD, 3D, plasma, CRT, DLP, ICBM and FDIC. All of this information can overwhelm a shopper before he or she even enters the store.

Shoppers tend to rely on the knowledgeable associates who, they believe, will be ready to untangle the technology and confusing advertising claims for them. Although sales associates are indeed knowledgeable, all they really have at their fingertips are the two least helpful statistics available: the size of the screen and the price. There happens to be a great deal more to large screen televisions than screen size and price.

Scenarios like these, which result in regrettable choices, can be avoided by engaging the assistance of electronic systems contractors. Experienced A/V consultants protect clients by asking questions of substance; questions about the size and configuration of the room in which the TV will sit, the viewing habits of those expected to use the device, and any other equipment it may need to accommodate will all be handled by A/V professionals.

Further, consultants like the professionals at Kiwi Audio Visual can typically source various brands of equipment and demonstrate enough expertise to help clients choose the best device while simultaneously staying under budget using the technological specs they are familiar with.