Core industry trends and patterns were presented today at the CES 2019 Trends to Watch session, given by the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) VP of Market Research Steve Koenig, as well as Director of Market Research Lesley Rohrbaugh and Senior Director of Innovation & Trends Ben Arnold.

In this context, the word “trend” applies to two things:

  1. Emerging technologies that are expected to see significant progress in unit sales and/or revenue.
  2. Emerging technologies that will be highly on display at CES this week, with many new products within the categories launching or receiving upgrades.

News & Trends by HubSpot will be at CES all week to bring you the latest announcements from this year’s sessions and events. For now, here’s a look at the trends that attendees can anticipate hearing — and learning — more about.


Source: Consumer Technology Association

1. Even Smarter Homes

Toward the end of 2018, when we surveyed over about 2019 tech trends, 26% of them identified smart home technology as the emerging tech trend that they’re most excited to try this year.


Data collected with Lucid

According to the CTA’s research, it’s also likely to be on of the most important trends of 2019 — an expects sales of smart home devices — things like thermostats, smoke detectors, and home lighting – to show a 43% increase since 2017.

And while smart home also made the list of last year’s tech trends to watch, in 2019, there’s a key difference: making different smart devices from different brands work together.

That goes somewhat against much of what we’ve observed in terms of smart home and Internet of Things systems over the past year: that many companies seem to build smart devices and appliances with a branded ecosystem in mind.

It was a theme that resonated throughout CES 2018, with many product announcements coming with the (somewhat flawed) idea that most consumers exclusively equip their homes with appliances from a single brand. It proposes a world, for example, where a user doesn’t have one brand of appliances in her kitchen and a TV made by another one — and instead have one, single brand filling your home with everything. – This article is by HUBSpot. 

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