Technology Trends from the Experts

As home technology experts, it’s imperative that we stay current on all the trends. One way we do that is through The Custom Electronics Dealers and Installers Association—CEDIA—an industry organization that is dedicated to electronics for the home. Every September they host a convention where the newest audio/video gear, home automation systems and networks are showcased. At this year’s show there were over 450 exhibits on the convention floor as well as over 150 classes for installers—with all exhibitors displaying and demonstrating the latest and greatest products and services for your home. Some of the highlights from this year’s show include:

Projectors-The price vs. performance ratio for front projectors just keeps getting better and better. There were several projectors in the $2,000 to $4,000 range that had the level of performance that would have cost several thousand more just a couple of years ago. If a really big picture is what you want, this is a great time to buy.

The Great Outdoors-As people look to transform their outdoor living spaces, the number of options available for outdoor A/V is growing exponentially. Weather-resistant televisions, speakers and remotes all designed to be used outdoors were showcased by a wide variety of companies. You can enjoy both an A/V system and the great outdoors at the same time.

Going Wireless-At this year’s show there were many wireless options for distributing both audio and video throughout your home. Running wires is usually the best solution, but sometimes this is not possible. A system using a wireless transmitter and a receiver can be a real problem solver to get both audio and video to anywhere inside or outside of your home. Another form of wireless technology is being used for loudspeakers. These speakers have a built-in amplifier and they do need to be plugged into the wall outlet—the signal is sent to them without wires. Another problem-solver. Anywhere, Anytime-Numerous companies displayed products that incorporated the use of smart phones and tablets. You can now use your smartphone or tablet to virtually control your entire system, whatever it may be—lighting, security, energy management or audio/video. With some A/V products you can even share content between your A/V system and mobile device. You can listen or watch anything you want anywhere. Access to Hulu, Pandora, Netflix and YouTube and other content providers were featured in a vast range of products. You can get this content through a smart TV, A/V receiver, Blu-Ray player among other components. Getting what you want to listen to or watch has never been easier.

Protecting Your Investment-Surge protection is often either neglected or an afterthought, but protecting your electronics is important. In many parts of the country electrical surges are commonplace. They can damage your electronics. The number of different surge protection products has never been greater. They range from small surge protectors that can be installed behind a wall mounted television to larger rack mounted units that can protect many different components. Some surge devices incorporate a battery backup to keep your system running during short power outages.

The Future of Resolution-Several companies’ showcased projectors and televisions the industry is referring to as 4K displays. These have four times the number of pixels of a regular 1080p projector or TV. This means, with the proper content, they can have four times the level of detail. While 4K resolution content is not yet available, this is a technology to keep in mind for the future. We love technology. It’s our passion and we pride ourselves on being “in the know.” To learn more about how we can help upgrade your home—inside and out—please give us a call.

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