When my employer walked in the door the other morning I immediately started asking about what he saw at CES 2010.  He only had one word for me….3D.  As you might have seen from all of the other more established blogs, everyone had a new 3D display to show off.  Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, they all have jumped onto the Third Dimension!!  Passive glasses, Active glasses, and the elusive glasses-free stereoscopic, they were all on the CES floor, ready to wow passing guests and suck them into a 3D adventure.  I wish I could have experienced them all but unfortunately I have to live vicariously through others.  I have still managed to form an early opinion on 3D in the home though.  I believe that it is going to be very popular novelty until they manage to get the glasses off of the faces of the American family.  It is one thing to wear them for the movie of the year, it is another thing to wear them every weekend for football.  Still cool though.  Wish I could’ve had this technology for Sunday nights and the Wonderful World of Disney when I was a kid.