Having the best search engine is becoming more and more important as the content grows and grows up in the cloud.   The newer multimedia search engines are able to access sites like Hulu, YouTube and Boxee as well as searching through your local DVR, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and multi-disc changers.  Some can even search on Amazon UnBox, Blockbuster and Netflix to rent or buy a movie or latest TV show.  This means the options are growing past the basic scrolling TV guide on channel 99 and reaching out to endless reaches of the web to find what you want, when you want it.  I personally have been playing around with the beta version of the TIVO HD search engine and have been having some fun with it.  I have been able to find exactly what I wanted within the first five results each and every time.  This is the future of searching for content..  I still do miss the old small TV Guide sitting on the coffee table.  Whatever happened to those?  Are they collector items now?